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Growing & Building Together

Stephen Hall

(Founder & President)

I grew up in the shooting sports by working for my parent’s company (H&H Shooting Sports in OKC) when I was still in high school.  My understanding and love for technology helped H&H in some small way, grow into what it is today.  As the years progressed I was honored to take on more major roles in the business and tried to improve many things about day to day operations.  As with any growing business, I was tasked on several projects inside and brought a different view of how to do things more efficiently and profitable.  These included building a Facebook page that currently leads all independent dealer’s operations in the country with likes and visits.  I also built and continued to adjust the web site to keep up with interest of the ever growing shooting sports market. After having the honor of working with many performance-oriented dealers around the country, my wife and I decided to develop Hall-N-Hall.  This will hopefully allow the family to grow the shooting sports industry to be healthier and more profitable.